FoodSHAP® is an organization dedicated to the advocacy of raising the awareness of food handlers on food safety and in the development of world class, unique, proudly Philippine-made qualification programs which we Filipinos could be proud of anywhere in the world

"As a social enterprise, FoodSHAP® supports and funds sustainable programs for the development of food safety culture such as free training, public awareness, and capacity building needs to the general public and public servants in the country and around the world."


Food Safety & Hygiene Academy of the Philippines (FoodSHAP®) is the first educational institution at the forefront of Food Safety Qualification Program development for food handlers in the Philippines since October 2015 with over 10,000 certificate holders worldwide.

We develop internationally recognized certificate programs for food handlers channeled through authorized course providers such as universities, training centers, non-profit organizations, culinary schools, and corporate academia.

Our team is comprised of Food Safety practitioners and advocates in the Philippines and from around the world to make unique, fun, practical, and tailored training programs for food handlers

FoodSHAP® supports the Philippine Food Safety Act of 2013 or RA 10611 by developing training program and certification course for Food Safety Compliance Officer (FSCO) as mandated by the said law

Group CIEH Award



(FoodSHAP®) is both GLOBALLY and LOCALLY recognized. We want our student to be globally competitive wherever they are in the world.

✔ Awarded CIEH Awards Recognising Excellence - Organization of the Year 2016 by the UK Chartered Institute of Environmental Health for our Advocacy in the Philippines.

✔ Accredited by the Highfield International an award-winning accrediting body for qualification programs in Europe, Middle East, and Asia

✔ In the Philippines, we are recognized by the Department of Health (DOH) and accredited by the Department of Education (DepEd)



Learn the best by playing. Have fun and learn new things at the same time. Definitely a win-win!
Our courses are filled with games and team based activity that everyone enjoys. We practice bayanihan in our activities; you get to work with other participants as a group so everyone can learn together. Our training are in English and/or Tagalog to feel the pinoy vibes. Who would not remember their childhood past time, komiks, when you read FoodSHAP® Foundations of Food Safety workbook "Once Upon A Sakto Restoran?"


UNIQUE BLEND of Learning Strategies

We prefer active and interactive learning such as games, team-based activities, mini lectures, videos, and practical sessions.
At FoodSHAP®, we prepare our students to perform better once they return to work in a real work environment. We prefer to let our students be challenged to find answers by discussing topics with their teamates and checking their reference to retain the information for a long time. Assessments such as written and practical exams are so done to check the learning outcomes of the students.

Our VISION is to make every meal food handler prepare and serve on the table be safe to eat.


Our MISSION is to be the educational institution that understands and adapts to the food safety training need of every food handlers for their engagement in the culture of food safety, for the advancement of their qualifications, and for the safety of the people that they serve.


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