Our Corporate Social Responsibility

FoodSHAP® reaches out to the different sectors of the country because we believe that food safety is for everyone.

Food Safety & Hygiene Academy of the Philippines gives back to the country by contributing to the development of its public servants. FoodSHAP® strives to provide free food safety training to the government and educate the general public with free workshops, seminars, and the use of different media platforms to spread awareness.

Food Safety is for Everyone. We aspire to empower everyone through imparting our knowledge towards a positive food safety culture. You may contact for inquiries on our free seminar workshops and training. We are more than glad to help and answer your concerns regarding our advocacy.

Through Malasakit at Bayanihan with our industry partners and professional experts on Food Safety, Environmental Health, Food Microbiology, Education, and Management, we adhere on the following advocacies:


People through free seminars


Scholarships on Certificate Programs granted for DOH and DepEd Personnel

Provision of Free Training Seminars

FoodSHAP® gives out free seminar trainings to the public especially those who are in need of guidance for a food-illness free country—and soon, the world. The organization best believes that sharing information is one of the best ways to promote our advocacy.

Public Awareness on Food Safety

FoodSHAP® has reached out to different media platforms for the past years. Aside from having media appearances, we also conduct seminars and partnerships with different organizations

Government Capacity Building Needs

FoodSHAP® aspires to reach out to every sector of the community starting with the leaders of the country. One of our main goals is to help the government so the whole country can follow suit. To give back to our leaders, we provide FoodSHAP® Food Safety Training to them for free.

Research to Support National Government on Drafting Policies

As an educational institution that specializes in training and development, we value the importance of research. Knowledge is revolutionary, and we want to make sure that every piece of information we gather for our health and safety is advanced.

FoodSHAP® Free Training Highlights

Free Webinars on COVID-19

With the urgency to be informed on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, FoodSHAP® partners with different organizations in providing free webinars to everyone with access to the internet on how to avoid viruses to be spread or contaminated in one’s food.

Food Safety Seminar in Schools

FoodSHAP® provides free food safety seminar in schools so as to guide our future food handlers on proper food handling and be the light for every youth in promoting a positive food safety culture. It is the organization’s pride to serve as the role model for students in becoming concern for the country and its people’s health and safety.


Food Safety Seminar for Ambulant Vendors

The organization gives importance to our food handlers because they serve the food that we it. Further, FoodSHAP® provides free food safety seminar to ambulant vendors so they can learn the value of food safety especially in their field of work. The Philippines is quite known for its delicious food especially our street food, so we want to secure everybody’s safety in eating street food.


Food Safety Seminars for the Community

Food safety is for everyone. FoodSHAP® is for everyone. We give seminars and training even for those who are not food business owners or those who are working as food handlers. Everyone can eat and prepare food on their own and everyone has the right to be equipped with information and awareness on food safety.


Food Safety Seminars for Corporations and Organizations

We also provide free seminars for those who are closely related in the field. As an organization focused on developing information on food safety through developing training and examination, we would also want to help to different corporations and organizations for the normalization of food safety culture in the country.



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FoodSHAP® aims to go well with the fast-paced world we are in, so we do our best to spread awareness in various media platforms and accept every opportunity to become resource speakers in programs.

Media Appearances

FoodSHAP® has had various media recognitions for the past few years. This has been a huge opportunity for the organization to gather more audiences that have produced a wide reach of awareness on food safety.


Food Safety Resource Speakership

It is our honor to participate in several seminars and orientations as resource speaker as it gives us a chance to share important information to the public. This is why FoodSHAP® never misses an opportunity for speaker invitations.


Food and Beverage Expo Exhibits

FoodSHAP® has also become exhibitors for various food and beverage expos such as the well-known Manila Food and Beverage Exposition done every July. Food safety is important no matter what food we serve and how we prepare it, and it is quite an experience to be part of expos such as MAFBEX in highlighting the importance of food safety.


World Food Safety Day Celebration

2019 marks as a very important year for FoodSHAP® as World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations organized the very first World Food Safety Day. To make the special day worth celebrating, the organization participated with the Department of Health Region VII highlighting the theme for the year—Food Safety is everyone’s business.